Financing Options

Winsupply, along with our partners, offers multiple financing and credit options for dealers to pass along to their customers so the job doesn’t do to much damage to their bank account.

Why should the dealer offer financing?
Because it can be the difference between getting the job done now rather than later!

When it’s to cold or to hot, homeowners tend to make the wrong decision and go for the cheapest available option because they need the job done right away. By offering financing, the homeowner doesn’t have to sacrifice the options they really wanted, but couldn’t afford it at the moment. They can get the more efficient system or add the all important IAQ product to their system for comfort or respiratory purposes.

Fact: 52% of consumers find it difficult to spend over $2,000 on a major purchase.
(source: Wall Street Journal 6.15.12 US Consumers)

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You can work financing into every proposal by:

  • Intergrate into your online presence by incorporating offers, promotions and online applications into your website.
  • Offer financing in the sales process and continue to offer it through the close. By having your customer apply right away, you can help them overcome their budget barriers by increasing their purchasing power.
  • Similar to credit card costs, use an average financing cost and incorporate it into all proposals.
  • Give Best, Better & Good options with low payment plans. Using financing offers to give the homeowner payment options helps decrease the perception of the bottom line and making the job more affordable. This helps the customer add more products that they may have felt they wanted or needed, but couldn’t afford.

Commercial financing is also available along with job specific accounts that need a little more time to pay. (Inquire with Inside Sales team)